A special place for healing

If you are suffering with any sort of problem and you want a creative and effective approach, you may have just found it.

Hidden Well Acupuncture has existed as a powerful center dedicated to unraveling the mysteries around health since 1998. The underlying goal has always been the same, to identify and support each individual’s journey to wholeness and wellness.

Because Chinese medicine works with a person’s energy it has the ability to address a vast array of issues. If it’s pain, autoimmunity, neurological, gynocological or even emotional, you will be gladdened by how respectful and transformational Chinese medicine can be towards your current or chronic condition.

Fawn’s life is dedicated to the pursuit of a particular knowledge coming from a lineage of profound depth and wisdom.

Fawn healed my older son’s wrist injury and my younger son’s chronic asthma. I went to her with a back issue and emerged as a person transformed at much deeper levels than just the body. Her treatment has literally opened me to enormous opportunity and prosperity for my family and my career. Fawn’s healing abilities, and the ancient tradition she represents, are a gift for which I am eternally grateful.

–James Lough, writer and professor




The Clinic

On June 14, 2014, the traditional Chinese Lion Dance was performed by 5 members of the Mystic Tao School at 134 Houston Street. This marked the joyous beginning of Hidden Well Acupuncture in its beautiful permanent location.

The center is at 134 Houston which is one short block north of Oglethorpe and another block west of East Broad Street. Located on Greene Square,  Fawn’s building was historically the Kate Baldwin Free Kindergarden.

The entrance to the clinic is from the courtyard side of the building. Parking is provided along the lane accessible from Houston and East Broad.

This is an incredibly special place dedicated to profound knowledge for creating wellness and wholeness.

” Drinking at the Hidden Well is a privilege. Very healing waters flow through the halls of this clinic.” – Muriel Lindsay, author of the newly released THE DOLPHIN LETTERS