A special place for healing

What is more mysterious than the nature of healing? Whether it is a sore place on the body or the neurological effects of Parkinson’s, or M.S, the body has a way of expressing itself and often resolving that expression.  Even when we have experienced it within our own framework, there remains some big question marks about why we get sick and even bigger ones when we heal completely. Even from something as minor as a cut or a cold.

Mostly, in our culture we ignore our bodies and if we can get away with it, our minds. Yet, the vehicle in which we live our lives is an intricate fabric of substantial physicality combined with a great deal of the insubstantial. It is this relative intangible or energy which emanates from the layers of our personality, emotions, lineage and the many aspects of spirit indwelling which are of primary concern in Classical Chinese medicine.

Most of us begin to care deeply about our vehicles and the journey we are on when there is some major problem… a problem of dysfunction. a problem of pain, a problem of something not manifesting in the life, or a problem that has been foreseen as being on its way. That is usually and appropriately when help is sought. A decision must be made about the kind of help.

There is no issue, from the minor to the major, Fawn’s work cannot address and sometimes miraculously so. She is a complete collaborator with your body’s own healing capacity and intention.

Many times, people come to Fawn when all else fails. That is the point at which they frequently can get on their own sides in a whole new way. She often teaches them how to take ownership of their vehicle in ways they did not previously know about. She drawls from tools and knowledge spanning centuries with great mastery and specificity for each person. Together, they work as a team.

Hidden Well Acupuncture has existed as a powerful center dedicated to unraveling the mysteries around health since 1998. The underlying goal has always been the same, to identify and support each individual’s journey to wholeness and wellness. Fawn’s life is and has been for years dedicated to the pursuit of a particular knowledge coming from a lineage of profound depth and wisdom. There are only a handful of healers in our country who have taken on the study and commitment to practice in this Classical style.

Fawn healed my older son’s wrist injury and my younger son’s chronic asthma. I went to her with a back issue and emerged as a person transformed at much deeper levels than just the body. Her treatment has literally opened me to enormous opportunity and prosperity for my family and my career. Fawn’s healing abilities, and the ancient tradition she represents, are a gift for which I am eternally grateful.

–James Lough, writer and professor




The Clinic

On June 14, 2014, the traditional Chinese Lion Dance was performed by 5 members of the Mystic Tao School at 134 Houston Street. This marked the joyous beginning of Hidden Well Acupuncture in its beautiful permanent location.

The center is at 134 Houston which is one short block north of Oglethorpe and another block west of East Broad Street. Located on Greene Square,  Fawn’s building was historically the Kate Baldwin Free Kindergarden.

The entrance to the clinic is from the courtyard side of the building. Parking is provided along the lane accessible from Houston and East Broad.

This is an incredibly special place dedicated to profound knowledge for creating wellness and wholeness.

” Drinking at the Hidden Well is a privilege. Very healing waters flow through the halls of this clinic.” – Muriel Lindsay, author of the newly released THE DOLPHIN LETTERS